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The Leadership Experience core masterclass, along with the available tracks, offer a 6 week journey towards leadership self-activation...the unconventional way, of course. It's the centerpiece of the entire experience that the add-on tracks offer and the end goal is to have a clear, purposeful mission that clients can execute in their business, careers, thought-leadership, or podcasts.
Once you begin to disseminate some of TLE's marketing materials, gauge the interest of your community and make sure to set up a call to review the program and take the next step.
Proof of Concept
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The entire core curriculum of The Leadership Experience, along with the add-on tracks, was developed by Launchpad Five One Six founder George Andriopoulos. HIs passion for leadership and deep knowledge of the curriculum are the best tools to use during a meeting with a potential cohort member. Additionally, Marc Cordon, the co-developer of The Podcast Experience Track, is available for exploratory calls for that track.
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Our affiliate program provides a wealth of opportunities for our affiliates. Not only can our program provide you with a healthy ancillary revenue source, but those who are interested in enrolling in the course can take advantage of our accelerated rewards towards tuition credit.
Hit your target goals
Lead by example
Do the right thing
Our program is 1000% designed to be a tool to help others grow and should NEVER be used as a means to "more money" by both the affiliate and the client. What does that mean? We don't do hard sells. We don't squeeze money from clients that aren't ready to move forward. We don't enroll clients that aren't prepared, both mentally and financially. On the same token, we do not work with clients that are here for the wrong reasons. The right reasons include growth, leadership, and anything that involved growing a career in order to be of service. The wrong reason includes anything with the words "get rich quick" attached to it.
Lead by example

What do you need prior to launch?

Get ready to launch your affiliate campaign
A Plan

Make sure to take inventory of your social platforms, your email lists, and your word of mouth potential referrals. Reach out to us in order to develop a custom plan to launch your affiliate strategy.

We will email swipe copy and social post ideas during the open cart period to help you develop your campaign.

A Message

Developing your messaging is key in launching your affiliate campaign. If you have taken a course from TLE before, or received coaching from George in The Joy Revolution, speak on your experience. Executive coaching clients of Launchpad Five One Six should also take advantage of their unique vantage point in order to influence your audience.

A Goal

There’s nothing like a concise goal and a burning desire to get an affiliate motivated. Lets get your next cohort tuition paid and a large sum of cash in your pocket, all while helping others grow as leaders. We can help you set and develop these goals. Please reach out.

Our Courses

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Business owners, C-suite executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs: this track is for you! Apply your leadership skills to your business and bring purpose to your company's mission.


The core curriculum of this coaching masterclass focuses on TLE's leadership principles, the self-discovery journey, and discovering your Mission Statement.


Aspiring podcasters: if you have decided that your leadership has led you to developing your own platform to share your voice, then this is your track. Learning how to apply the fundamentals of leadership to your podcast in order to help transform the lives of others is just the beginning of this add-on track.


Career advancement applications for The Leadership Experience core class as an add-on track. Take your new-found leadership to your job and storm the castle of mediocrity.

How It Works

Affiliate Structure

The legacy affiliate program, which is still in effect, provides a simple commission structure for our program members. Affiliates receive a 25% commission on all NET tuition collected due to their direct referral code used at the time of checkout. NET tuition amount is about 4% less than the gross amount collected at time of checkout, which accounts for the credit card processing fees.

Affiliate program members are eligible for the affiliate tuition reward, which accelerates the amount that their first referral is worth. If any affiliates choose to participate in any TLE course combination, your first referral is worth the entire amount of the core curriculum (in tuition only). That’s a $3,500 value for one referral! Subsequent referrals are worth the standard 25% affiliate fee and may be applied towards tuition or paid out as cash.

Affiliates who choose to enroll in TLE courses should notify us prior to the opening of a cohort’s enrollment cart period. The affiliate tuition reward, if chosen to be used, can ONLY be used as tuition credit. Subsequent affiliate referral fees can be paid out in cash or applied towards add-on track tuition or 1-on-1 coaching.

Affiliates who choose to be paid out in the standard format should supply us with their Paypal or Venmo ID. The Cart open period lasts until 2 days after the start of the first week. Once enrollment cart closes, affiliate fees will be sent via the agreed upon money transfer platform within 3 days.

End users will enroll on TLE’s website and MUST choose a referral source prior to checkout. They are incentivized to do so by receiving a free 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching session with George as a result. We will also keep a running Google Sheet that affiliates will be shared on to keep track of enrollment and fees. All affiliates are welcomed to audit the entire client enrollment list prior to launch in an effort to maintain transparency.

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