VIP Package – The Leadership Experience Core Masterclass + 2 Additional Tracks (August 2020 Cohort)

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The VIP Package is the most rigid and most beneficial bundle that we offer.  Receive the full benefits of the core masterclass plus 2 of the 4 available add-on tracks.  Choose from 2 of the following:

The Entrepreneur Leader Track

The full benefits of the core masterclass plus The Entrepreneur Leader Track. Business owners, C-suite executives, and aspiring entrepreneurs: this track is for you. Apply your leadership skills to your business and bring purpose to your company’s mission.

  • Parallel your “Mission Statement” into a business plan
  • Apply leadership theory and inspiration theory to work culture
  • Design a leadership model within your business that relates to staff and company messaging
  • Sales authenticity training

The Public Thought-Leader Track

The full benefits of the core masterclass plus The Public Thought-Leader Track. Business owners, public speakers, writers, community leaders, and thought-leadership influencers will take part in this track. Focused on aligning your Mission Statement with your messaging and using your platform to change the world.

  • Parallel your “Mission Statement” from a manuscript to an executable platform (talk, book, article, social content)
  • Thought-Leader branding and messaging training
  • Application process training for speakers and writers
  • Publishing workshop
  • Leadership goal setting within thought-leadership
  • Servant leadership as a thought-leader

The Career Leader Track:

Career Leader Track. Career advancement applications for The Leadership Experience core class as an add-on track. Take your new-found leadership to your job and storm the castle of mediocrity.

  • Parallel your “Mission Statement” to your career trajectory plan
  • Leadership in the workplace theory
  • Professional branding workshop including resume training
  • Interview leadership workshop
  • Mistake = Practice: The journey to improvement

The Podcast Experience Track:

Aspiring podcasters: if you have decided that your leadership has led you to developing your own platform to share your voice, then this is your track. Learning how to apply the fundamentals of leadership to your podcast in order to help transform the lives of others is just the beginning of this add-on track.

  • Soup-to-nuts guide to podcasting from both the technical side and the content side
  • Technical specifications and recommendations
  • Broadcast training
  • On-air persona training
  • Application of leadership theories to your show strategy
  • Interview 101
  • Monetization of your podcast
  • Marketing your show

As well as The Core Masterclass:

The core curriculum of this coaching masterclass focuses on The Leadership Experience’s leadership principles, the self-discovery journey, and designing your Mission Statement. The core class is a 6 week course that offers a live (virtual) 60-minute weekly course, as well as pre-recorded video content.

The goal of the core masterclass is to leverage your life experience to determine your call to leadership. Throughout the 6-week course, we’ll discuss the parallels between your journey and the journey of unconventional leaders, discover your “Mission Statement,” discuss leadership theory and inspiration theory to support your mission, delve into “The Balance Phenomenon” in order to tie together the different areas of leadership in your life, and take our “last stand” together, as a community. Your deliverable after 6 weeks will be a clearly designed manuscript (your mission statement) which will define your principles, your driving force, your platform, and your moral code.

The Leadership Experience aims to define your life’s purpose by ACTIVATING your leadership and to help you to connect that purpose to your professional life. When paired with one of our add-on tracks, as most of our students do, you’ll learn to specifically execute on your new-found leadership.





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  • The Balance Phenomenon
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