The Podcast Experience Track ONLY (August 2020 Cohort)

6 students

The Podcast Experience Track ONLY. This is the only track that we are offering independent of the core masterclass, although we always recommend taking the core curriculum to not only have a better understanding of tying your leadership to this track, but for a combination discount.

Aspiring podcasters: if you have decided that your leadership has led you to developing your own platform to share your voice, then this is your track. Learning how to apply the fundamentals of leadership to your podcast in order to help transform the lives of others is just the beginning of this add-on track.

  • Soup-to-nuts guide to podcasting from both the technical side and the content side
  • Technical specifications and recommendations
  • Broadcast training
  • On-air persona training
  • Application of leadership theories to your show strategy
  • Interview 101
  • Monetization of your podcast
  • Marketing your show


This is the LARGEST add-on track that The Leadership Experience offers and spans across 6 modules. The Podcast Experience is taught by the founder of The Leadership Experience/CEO of Launchpad Five One Six/host of The Launchcast, George Andriopoulos. This beta won’t last at this price point for too much longer.